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How do I make the most of my handmade soap?

Handmade soaps are packed full of goodies that commercial soap company's sometimes overlook or take out completely.  Glycerin for example is a natural humectant (the salt in our salt bars is too) which simply means they draw in moisture. 

This is great news for your skin and helps you feel hydrated and silky soft.  It does mean they need just a little bit more love to be at their best though.  Keeping your soap dry when not in use will extend the life of your bar and help keep the party going.

As we've mentioned on our packaging - we're not suggesting you share your towel after a shower.  A soap dish is all you need to get the job done, it will stop your soap sitting in water as it drys off and keeps your sink clean at the same time.

We sell a couple of great wooden soap dishes that are just right for the job. We use these our-self at Scrubbery HQ and love them.

If you're naturally crafty though a small plate with a few rubber bands wrapped around it can get the job done, it might even keep your little ones busy for five minuets if you hand off the job of making it to them!

If soap dishes aren't your thing or space is at a premium a soap saver might be up your street.  Our sizal bags are designed to be the ultimate low maintenance soap solution.  Just pop your soap bar in the bag and hang it over a tap or on your shower when not in use.  The added bonus here is you need never take it out! Simply lather the soap inside the bag when the time comes and enjoy a very gentle exfoliation plus a million bubbles while you wash.  Our sizal bags can be popped in the washing machine when they need a pick me up and thrown away with the kitchen scraps when they reach the end of their life.   

Still not your thing? No worries, simply moving your soap out of the shower stream will go a long way to keeping your soap happy and our soap on a rope options hang up straight out of the bag.

I'm sure you mentioned Eco-friendly packaging?

When we say Eco-friendly we really mean it, we are trying our best to go 100% plastic free.

In an ideal world we'd love it if this wasn't a selling point but just the least customers could expect from the companies they order from.  hopefully one day we'll just be one in a million.

Our soaps are semi-naked and only wrapped in glassine which is 100% natural, paper stickers and twine all of which are fully compostable  (compostable incidentaly is our favorite type of eco friendly at the Scrubbery- we like the low effort approach to being good.) 

Our Bath Salts and Soaks are packaged in compostable packages too.  They have been tested to the max and we think they are a pretty neat solution. 

(We even let a 6 year old play catch with them just to be sure they could survive the busiest postal route!)

These are just a few examples of our packaging. Our postal orders are wrapped in recycled paper, our sticky tape will always be compostable and we only ever use recycled or recyclable cardboard. We are extremely proud of our efforts but we know there will always be room to improve.  We can't wait to show you what we can come up with next.

We are struggling with our shower steamers though if anyone has any ideas?  For now we have had to give up (previously they were in compostable icecream tubs but we had to use filler to stop them knocking together which soaked up all the lovely menthol - we then moved to compostable bags, but they soaked up the oils too and made the labels fall off!)  so now we package them in coffee bags.  Made from Kraft paper lined with coated aluminium with a one way valve to help gas escapeing. They insure the shower steamers reach you safely.  With our main aim in mind though we will offer anyone who returns their coffee bag to us discounted refills on their shower steamers in the new year to insure we minimise the impact of our choice in packaging.

Do your soaps contain animal products?

Our soaps and bath products will always be at the very minimum vegetarian. 

Here at Scrubbery HQ we have over 50 years of vegetarianism under our belts when you add us all together, and we love it.  

Almost all our products are Vegan, but every so often something just sparkles and like the local, ethically harvested Killiecrankie honey in our Soul Soup soap we couldn't leave it out.  We'll always be very clear about our choices though and you'll see either Vegan or Vegetarian listed in all our descriptions. 

Whats the deal with the Mica?

You've probably come across mica plenty, it's a natural mineral mined from deep underground and you'll find it in everything from eye shadow to car paint, honestly it's everywhere. At the beginning of our journey you could find it in every Scrubbery soap going too. 

As is often the case in life though the more you know, the less you want to know and it turns out mica isn't quite what it claims.  Natural mica is indeed a natural product, but because of the way its mined it's often contaminated with heavy metals and almost all of it is artificially coloured.

Far more worrying than any of that though was the discovery that natural mica is largely the product of child labor.  Very young children who are being exploited in horrifically dangerous environments.

So now our colors come from plants, and you'll not find natural mica anywhere. Plant based colours are more than just good for the conscience anyway.  The ones we have chosen are packed with skin loving goodies too. Have you seen our fizzy bath soak? It's the most vivid blue and the colour comes from Blue Spirulina, an alge extract so packed with vitamins and minerals that astronauts take it as a supplement. 

There are days where we all need a little sparkle in our lives though and we couldn't find a single natural Gold (Well apart from the obvious - if anyone wants a real golden ring embedded in a soap please let us know, we're so game!).  So here or there you'll see synthetic gold mica in our soaps.  After much research and soul searching we decided it was the best compromise.  There are companies that claim to supply ethical mica, but as a small company we had all kinds of questions and no trustworthy answers.

Synthetic mica is nature identical, heavy metal free and has a solid history of safe use.  In his instance we've gone with our heart but as always we will be very clear where we use it and you'll always see Synthetic Mica listed in the description where required. 

Why has my soap changed colour?

We love that almost all of our 'in the pot' ingredients are not just natural, but largely edible too.

From Avocado to Nettle we get our active ingredients and our colorants from nature where possible. (See our FAQ on mica for a lowdown on where we stand on synthetic colourants and the one colour we couldn't afford to get from nature).  This means that our colours are subject to all the verity nature is known for.  

The nettle in our Nettle Soap for instance is a different colour depending on the time of year its grown at.  And the yellow we get from Calendula infused in the water of our grapefruit soap depends on the temperature its infused at.

Not only can our colours vary from batch to batch because of these differences but they can also change over time as the bars of soap cure further.

In order to preserve the colour of your soap you can store your soap away from sunlight - the standard cool dark place advice rings true here. But rest assured if your soap does change colour it wont affect the performance of your soap.  Like wine a well stored soap only improves with age, and though the colours might change and the scent might get a little fainter the actual soap will only continue to get more bubbly and gentle as you store it meaning it will be a dream to use when you do get to it.


How does the postage work?

For now we send your soap via Royal Mail Second class post unless you specifically ask us otherwise, though we are looking into other options and we're happy to hear any ideas!

If you place your order before 5pm we hope to post it out to you the next working day after your payment has cleared and in plastic free packaging.  Wix handles all our online payments if you buy online. 

Due to current UK legislation we are sorry to say we can't post our products outwith the UK just now, though we are looking into it!  

Please find below a link to information on the Royal Mails postal service. The gist of which is they aim to deliver in two to three days, though they can't promise it.

Royal Mail 2nd Class post | Royal Mail

Postage is set at a flat £0.50 per order! Hopefully that makes shopping online just that little easier. 

We do not accept responsibility for packages after they have been delivered but we will be happy to take up any concerns you have with the Royal Mail as far as we possibly can and if we fall short of what is expected on our side we'll make sure we put it right.

If you would prefer to have your package tracked or sent by a different courier we are happy to oblige where we can though we do ask you message us prior to ordering with the request.

And last but by no means least if you are local to Perth (Yeay! hello neighbour!) Get in touch before you order and we will try to save you the postage costs and hand deliver!

Got a Complaint?

We are hoping you're just here for speculation, but if not please just get in touch.

We set out in this business to see people happy and we believe good karma comes from good customer service - but we need to know about a problem before we can fix it.

Our email address is or alternatively you can give us a private message on any of our social media pages and we'll be happy to help.

All of our products hold robust UK Cosmetic Product Safety Reports and we have tested them extensively on ourselves too. When it comes to skincare unfortunately sometimes it doesn't matter how safe a product is, not everyones skin will agree with it.

In these instances we are sorry to say we can't offer a full refund on used cosmetic products, but we really want to hear from you and we will certainly do our best to find you something that suits your skin better and hopefully leaves you smiling.

In instances where we've sent you the wrong product or something has been damaged in transit we'll just need you to pop us a quick photo on the email address above and we will replace your product like for like where possible or offer you a choice of similar products if an item is out of stock (our soap is cured for a minimum of four weeks so we can't just whip you up a batch if it's out of stock though if you're happy to wait the full time we can usually make one up for you) 

As we've said please get in touch, we are only human and mistakes might happen, but were are always here to help and we really do want to leave people smiling.

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