Hemp & Nettle

Hemp & Nettle

These nettle bars pack a supper gentle punch.
Nettle has been used for century’s across the board and we think rightly so. Packed full to the brim with phenols, anti-inflammatory goodies and vitamins too it has some serious form in gentle skincare. Many eczema sufferers swear by its ability to speed up skin healing and relive the daily struggles they face.
Those that suffer from rheumatoid arthritis have used it for relief from stiff joints and thanks to the high silicium and magnesium content of nettle leaf cosmetic company’s are now using it widely as an anti-ageing product.
Bit of a wonder if you ask us, another one to put on the must google list! These bars aren’t just chocked full of organic nettle leaf though, we have teamed our favourite botanical to date with a host of skin loving goodies to make sure this bar works hardest for those hands that need the gentlest of care.
You’ll also find cold pressed hemp seed oil, organic Cocoa and Shea butters and a high olive oil content in these bars with just a hint of wheatgrass to really cross the finish line when it comes to care.
Best suited for - Dry, Damaged Skin
Min Weight - 120g
  • Ingredients

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  • How to Use

    To make the most of your soap show it some love and keep it dry when not in use.

    Don’t worry, we’re not suggesting you share your towel.  Keeping your soap out of the flow of running water or treating it to a soap dish will keep the party going.

    For more about making th most of your handmade soap check out our FAQ page.